Data Dashboard

The inspection dashboard is designed to show at a glance how well previous cohorts demonstrated characteristics of good or better performance. It contains a brief overview of published data for the last three years. It shows progress first, including from the main starting points.

Data Dashboard 2015

Internal tracking data

The school tracked children’s progress using ‘levels’ until the end of 2015. (Information on the assessment system the school now uses can be found here.)

The graphs below show the progress of all cohort within the school up to summer 2015 assessment point against ‘expected’ and ‘better than expected’ progress.

Year 6 2020 – Current Year 2

Year 6 2019 – Current Year 3

Year 6 2018 – Current Year 4

Year 6 2017 – Current Year 5

Year 6 2016 – Current Year 6