School Clubs

Clubs at Swainswick

The school provides a wide variety of extra-curricular activities for the older children during the lunchtimes, and occasionally after school as well. These extra curricular activities offer opportunities for the children to develop their interests and aptitudes. The range of clubs on offer varies each year with the interests of the children and the adults. The clubs are run by parents and local residents, as well as by school staff.

Latin Club

The children follow the adventures of Minimus the Mouse as they begin to learn Latin with Mrs Joyce, a Swainswick resident.

Football Club

This takes place on a Monday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm (parents will have to make arrangements for their child to get to the venue). Term 1 (Monday 12th September to Monday 17th October) is being held at Alice Park and Term 2 (Monday 31st October to Monday 12th December) is being held at St Marks Astro.  This club is open to years three, four, five and six at a cost of £40.00 for two terms. The children are taught by James Gray (B.Sc Sports Conditioning and Coaching and FA Licensed Level 2 and Youth Module 3 Football Coach).

Eco Club

We at Swainswick School try to be as eco-friendly as possible so children from each year group are encouraged to join eco club.  During the session we will research ways of becoming more eco friendly as a school and putting our plans/ideas into practice as well as offering opportunities for the children to do some gardening during the school term.  Children get the opportunity to grow fruit and vegetables from seed, which they weed, water and tend until harvest time, when they can take their produce home to eat.

Lace Club

This popular club is offered to the children from Year Three onwards, it is taught both during Thursday lunchtime and after school on Thursday until 4.15pm. The Lace Club is run by Miss Grayson and Miss Hobbs who teach the children the ancient and beautiful art of lace making using traditional bobbins and thread and giving them all an opportunity to create several designs which are incorporated onto a frame to display.

Archery Club

Archery Club takes place every Friday lunchtime on the school premises and is open to years two, three, four, five and six.  This club will commence on Friday 16th September and run until 9th December at a cost of £30.00.