Starting in Reception

Starting in Reception

During the first 2 weeks of term the Reception children will attend for the morning session. This gradual start provides them with the opportunity to get to know others in their peer group, and to establish secure relationships with the adults working with them. During the afternoons of these weeks, Mrs Charles will be arranging to visit you and your child at home.

The bell rings on the playground for the children to line up at 8.55, although the school is open for children to arrive from 8.30.

They will finish school at 3.15, and will be ready to be collected from the Apple classroom at that time.
If you feel that a whole day at school is too much for your child initially, then please talk to us about it, so we can arrange what is best to help them settle.

Usual School Times
8.55 a.m.    –    12 p.m.

1 p.m.    –      3.15 p.m. (Key Stage Two 3.30 p.m.)

Mrs Bailey is on the playground from 8.30 every morning to welcome children and parents, and to provide supervision. On wet days the children meet in Oak Class, and are taken to their class from there. The bell will ring at 8.55 and the children line up ready to go into their classes.

What to Bring

A Coat
As there are many opportunities for the children to work and  play outside, please can you make sure that they have a named warm and waterproof coat in school each day, even if you drive to school and they don’t need to wear one to travel to school. They will have a peg with their name on in the cloakroom outside Apple Class for their coat and P.E bag.

Fruit Snack
We are committed to encouraging children to develop healthy eating habits.  At mid morning break we ask that all children bring a piece of fruit or vegetable to eat for their snack. It is often helpful to have this cut up at home and put in a named container.

P.E Kit
This needs to be brought into school and kept on your child’s peg all the time. It is just taken home for washing at the end of each term. Each child needs:

  • Navy Shorts
  • Navy school .T-shirt/ White polo shirt
  • Plimsolls or trainers
  • Navy tracksuit or navy jogging trousers for outside games.
  • If your child wears tights for school, they will need spare socks in their P.E bag too.
  • P.E bags and T-Shirts can also be ordered from the school office.

School Book Bag
Once the children have been in school for a while, they will be given a school reading book to take home to read. Book bags can be purchased from the school office in a range of colours. These protect the reading books and can also be used for carrying letters and messages backwards and forwards.

A change of clothes
A change of environment can sometimes initially be stressful, and if a child wets or soils themselves it is comforting for them to have a change of their own clothes in a bag on their own peg. It is also helpful for the adults who attend to their needs to be able to quickly locate a suitable change of clothes.

Sandwiches or School Dinners?

School Dinners
School meals are cooked at St Marks School Kitchen and delivered to the school. There is an emphasis on using locally sourced and organic food where possible, and ensuring a good range of vegetables and salads. Vegetarian and other special diets can be catered for.

If you wish your child to take school lunches please order from the Office and pay weekly or half termly in advance. If paying by cheque please make it payable to ‘Bath and North East Somerset Council’.
The cost of dinners is currently £2.00 a day. Please let the School Office know if you would like your children to try school dinners before making a decision. Please see school office for a current sample menu so you have an idea of the range of meals on offer.

Parents in receipt of Family Income Support can apply for free school meals to:
The Area Education Welfare Officer
Riverside, Temple Street, Keynsham BS18 1LA
Tel: 01225 394241/2
If you wish to discontinue school lunches please telephone or write giving at least 1 weeks notice.

Children who prefer to bring a packed lunch may do so.  It should be in a plastic container clearly marked with the child’s name. Cold drinks, either water or fruit juice should be brought in a leakproof plastic container.

Water is always provided as part of the lunchtime routine, and there is free access to water throughout the day.

Following government nutrition guidelines, we ask that you don’t give your child crisps or crisp type snacks, chocolate, sweets, or chocolate biscuits in their lunch box. As part of our current school policy, we also ask that you don’t give your child nuts or peanut butter sandwiches, as we have children in school who suffer from nut allergies.

Any child under 5 years of age is entitled to free school milk. This stops when children become 5, and they are given a drink of water instead. Each child should bring their own named water bottle and will have access to water throughout the day.

Absence or Late Arrivals

All children should be on the playground by 8.55 when the bell rings. Please contact the school as soon as possible in the morning if your child is going to be absent or late for school. If your message is left on the school answerphone, it will be picked up from 8.45.
Children are counted absent for the session if they arrive after 9.30am. It is part of the school’s policy of care for our families to contact you, if a message hasn’t been received and your child isn’t in school.

Please also let us know as soon as possible if there is any change to your usual arrangements for picking up.

If you arrive after the rest of the children have gone into the classroom, please take your child to the School Office to sign in, and a member of staff will take your child into the classroom.

Term-Time Holiday Absence

In line with BaNES policy, the school is only able to authorise holidays during the school term in exceptional circumstances. If you feel this may apply to you, please discuss it with the Headteacher  as soon as possible. As far as possible, please make any planned medical appointments outside of school hours.

Health Concerns

Our School Nurse will be pleased to help you with any health concerns you have about your child, and will help us draw up a care plan for them in school if necessary. She can be contacted through the school.

Day to Day Worries

If you are concerned about anything, please speak to Mrs Charles, Mrs Bailey or Miss Keen, as these are the adults who will be working with your children on a daily basis. Any of the adults in school will be happy to help address your concerns and answer your questions.

A member of school staff is on the playground to welcome you and your children in the morning, please let them know if you have messages to pass on.

Money and Messages

All dinner money and other monies should be paid into school in an envelope clearly marked with the child’s name, the amount enclosed and the purpose of the money. This should also be given to your child’s teacher or put into your child’s book bag which will be checked each day. Please don’t send money straight to the School Office.

Contacting the School

Although the adults are on the playground at the start and end of the day, with the purpose of being available to chat to parents, you may feel that you want to make a time to talk to the teacher, or to myself. Please phone the school office and an appointment will be arranged to your convenience.

The Office is manned on a part-time basis, so it may be you will need to leave a message on the answerphone, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Mrs Muscatt is available in the office from 9.00 each morning.