At the heart of the educational process lies the child

At Swainswick C.E Primary School we firmly believe in the intrinsic value of each individual whether child or adult, and take very seriously our responsibility to nurture and to work in partnership with parents to provide a rich learning environment to enable all children to engage in the learning process.

We highly value individuality in the context of community, and work to help all learners appreciate their own value and their responsibility and care towards the others, both children and adults, that they work alongside. This is clearly reflected in the strong relationships which exist between members of the school community. All members of this learning community are strongly affirmed by the knowledge that they are known by the other members.

It is on these strong foundational principles that children are encouraged to explore the world around them and within and to develop their own love of learning. They are provided with experiences which help them realise that they have potential in all sorts of ways, and people and opportunities who help each individual discover what truly makes their soul sing.

Alongside this lies our professional commitment to equip the learners within our care with the best possible skills both to access and to communicate their knowledge and understanding within a wider context.

I hope you find this provides an informative picture of Swainswick School and that the images capture both the activities and something of the ethos of the school. We would love to provide the opportunity for you to see the school for yourselves.

Swainswick Vision and Values