Valley Schools & Workshops

The History of the Valley Schools

A couple of years ago the five heads of St Saviour’s Infants, St Saviour’s Juniors, St Mark’s, Swainswick Primary and St Stephen’s Primary schools all decided to form a loose collaboration looking for opportunities to give all the children attending the five schools chances to learn together and to use our relationship to celebrate this part of Bath.

The collaboration was named the Valley Schools, after the Lambridge Valley, and the children who attended the five schools became the “Valley Children”.

The project aims to create opportunities for children to learn inter-generationally about their local environment (in as rounded a sense as possible, not only its physical geography) and in the process to offer the wider community opportunities to become involved in the children’s learning.

The collaboration has already witnessed many successful events and activities across the Valley Schools. Our community is rich with vibrancy and diversity and it has welcomed the uniting of these local schools for the benefit of its children and its local population.